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Uag Reseller Agreement

April 13, 2021 / lanphear / Uncategorized The only UAG-authorized retailer on in the United States is the official Armor Gear eBay store ( UAG products purchased by other sellers on eBay are not covered by the limited warranty. All warranty applications must be accompanied by a proof of purchase from UAG or the UAG-approved reseller, two (2) images of the product submitted to the warranty application and an identification of the product model in question. Please note that you are responsible for the costs of sending UAG materials and information. Unless this limited warranty expressly specifies otherwise or to the extent that it is limited or prohibited by current legislation, the entire risk with respect to the quality and performance of UAG products rests with the purchaser. In addition to the universality of the aforementioned exclusions of liability, this limited guarantee does not in any way cover defects that are: (1) in a different way from the intended purpose; (2) any change or change in any way; (3) normal wear and (4) purchased from a source other than a reseller authorized by UAG. Unity Advantage Group LLC (UAG) has taken its program to a new level. It was announced that an agreement has been reached between UAG and Foodbuy, LLC, which establishes a direct GPO relationship (access) between the two food, equipment and accessories and indirect expenditure programs. Non-US Distribution: For sales outside the United States, please contact our customer service to check if the seller you are shopping with is a uAG-authorized reseller in the relevant region. UAG products sold by UAG resellers on are described as “Sold by URBAN ARMOR GEAR® and filled by Amazon,” “Ships from and sold by” or “Sold by hybrid brands and satisfied by Amazon.” UAG products purchased by other sellers on are not covered by the limited warranty. This is not a complete list of all authorized UAG resellers, but only authorized resellers authorized to sell on market websites.

If you are not sure that a seller is a UAG-approved dealer, please contact us at the before making a purchase.

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