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Uk Efta Agreement

October 12, 2021 / lanphear / Uncategorized

Rather, Switzerland has a series of bilateral agreements with the EU. On 1 July, our first dialogue on the future relationship of UK-Swiss took place. The government is taking a sequenced approach to our joint efforts with Switzerland before the review clause of our trade continuation agreement is activated in 2021. First, we will try to solve as much as possible the problems of residual separation. Secondly, we will also try to address issues that depend on our negotiations with the EU, or even on the negotiations that are related to them. Third, we will start by exploring new bilateral opportunities where we can move forward together in 2020. The EFTA Court of Justice or the EFTA Surveillance Authority failed to fulfil the original EEA plan: the Court of Justice of the European Communities and the European Commission had to carry out these tasks. However, during the negotiations on the EEA Agreement, the Court of Justice of the European Union informed the Council of the European Union in a letter that it would consider it a violation of the Treaties to confer these powers on the EU institutions on non-EU member states. [Citation required] Therefore, the current regulations were developed instead. Source: Q 27 (Dr. Ulf Sverdrup); Carl Baudenbacher, “The EFTA Court: structure and tasks”, in The Handbook of EEA Law, p. 139; European Free Trade Association, “The EFTA Surveillance Authority at a Glance”: [accessed 29 November]; EFTA Court, `Introduction to the EFTA Court`: [consulted on 29. November] Indeed, it does not refer at all to an independent arbitration procedure and provides that disputes are settled exclusively within the Joint Committee set up for the management of the agreement.

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