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What Is A Product Listing Agreement

October 14, 2021 / lanphear / Uncategorized

More than ever, managers of government drug planners are busy staffing and are therefore forced to prioritize the time they can spend negotiating a particular product list agreement. While this prioritization is typically based on important factors such as perceived clinical needs and cost-effectiveness, it can still lead to the depriororization of viable products, especially if the value propositions are seen as less compelling for those products or require a higher level of time and resources for drug plan staff. Pathway Advisory Services has extensive interprovincial experience with many types of product listing agreements and advises not only manufacturers, but also other consulting firms and provincial governments on the creative design of symbiotic product list agreement structures. We help our clients develop and challenge their value propositions (including their business modeling), focusing on the simplicity and turnkey of their offering. We recognize that the simplicity of analysis and implementation significantly reduces the likelihood of a drug submission file being depriororized, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly delays that would prevent timely patient access. Equally important, we help our clients determine, through a detailed environmental scan, what type of value proposition would be most attractive to their audience of drug plan managers so that clients can evaluate their product at an appropriate level that works well for the public drug plan and their shareholders. Reimbursement criteria may be published in the form of therapeutic indications and it is the responsibility of the prescribing physician to prescribe the drug to odB recipients according to the listed criteria. Product listing agreements allow ODB recipients to access new drugs, while information that could support further listing is collected and verified. Decision-makers in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador have pointed out that the current legal framework for their public drug plans does not allow for the negotiation of PLAs. In Quebec in particular, ASAs are not used because of laws that charge the same prices between the public drug plan and private insurers. .

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