About the LIFE Garden Program

4th gradeThe LIFE Garden Program encourages K-12 students to develop an appreciation of nature, community, land stewardship and ecological literacy in the classroom, garden, farm, and cafeteria.

The LIFE Program is based on these principles:

  • Well-nourished children are better able to learn. Research proves that better nutrition improves cognitive function, attention and behavior.
  • All children deserve and need delicious, nutritious and safe food. According to Feeding America, more than 21.5 million low-income children receive free or reduced-price meals daily through the National School Lunch Program in 2014.
  • Positive childhood eating habits affect lifetime health. Education in nutrition reduces the risk of childhood obesity, diabetes, and behavior issues related to diet. School lunch has a tremendous impact on public health.
  • Healthy children are the foundation of a healthy society.


The garden offers unique learning opportunities including:

  • Hands-on education that engages all the senses and inspires curiosity and wonder.
  • Exposure to how food is planted, grown, harvested and prepared, including an understanding of seasonality.
  • Close observation of cycles, sustainability and connectedness.
  • Ways to balance nature with computer technology.
  • Practical skill-building that boosts confidence and empowers students while teaching how to work together.
  • Ways to apply science and mathematics.
  • Use of food as a unifying, interdisciplinary principle.

Learn more about the Lopez Island School LIFE Garden program here: LIFE Garden Program

kids and shovels