Why It Matters

The Lopez Island school is well-known for the L.I.F.E. Garden Program.  High quality school lunches are made with fresh produce; about 90% of vegetables served are produced from the island or the school garden on campus.  A certified food-testing lab was donated to ensure fresh produce safety.  Kitchen staff is committed to serving nutritious food.  In addition to offering organic milk and using local meat, fresh salsa, pesto, sauces and snacks for nutrition break are part of the K-12 learning experience.

IMG_6208The work required is possible through the help of two part-time paid gardeners and community volunteers.  The continuation of the L.I.F.E. Program and the superior quality of these school meals depends on donations; the school budget provides for less than half the annual program cost.  Bike for LIFE offers sustainable funding needed to continue this model of excellent nutrition and hands-on environmental education for children K-12.

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Our goal is to offer a model, so that these innovations can be replicated at other schools. What most people don’t realize is the superior quality of our school meals is not covered by the school budget and depends entirely on donations. Sustainable funding is key. We’re offering the opportunity for you to be involved in the funding solution that could be a national model.

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